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Alexandra Surgery has an exciting opening for a Medical Receptionist/ Administrative member of staff.

We are looking for an enthusiastic and motivated person to join our growing team.

Ours is a medium sized NHS GP practice in a leafy suburb of North London, within a few minutes walk from Alexandra Palace (Ally Pally).

You will be part of a friendly bunch (you can say a motley crew) of administrators/ receptionists, doctors, ethnic health officers, health care assistants, nurse, clinical pharmacists and social prescribers.
Our colleagues have come from a variety of backgrounds and many of us can speak an additional language or two.


Prior experience is helpful but not required. Training on the job will be provided.

Good communication skills and basic IT skills are essential. Team working is the key, being flexible and willing to learn will lead to success.

Ability to speak another language will be an advantage.


Hours required are: Monday to Friday - between 8 am to 1pm.

Salary will depend on experience. Starting rate of pay is £9 to £10 per hour.

Continuing education -staff may be offered access to online learning modules that the practice subscribes to.

Career development -there may be opportunity to train as a health care assistant (HCA) in future.


The premises is Covid safe.

As this is a health service provider, staff may be subject to requirements at work (for example wearing a face mask).

Please note that the successful candidate will be contingent on passing a criminal record (DBS) check.


If you have not registered a current mobile number with us, please drop us a line or give us a ring, we shall be glad to sort out an appointment for you.

From Haringey Council:

If you’re 18+, visit Arsenal’s Emirates Stadium for their mass #Pfizer #vaccination event on:

-Sat 7 August, 10am-6.30pm

-Sun 8 – Tues 10 August, 9.30am-6.30pm

No booking is needed, but you can book in advance and find out more at


From Haringey Council:

There’s a #Pfizer #COVIDVaccine walk-in clinic in Wood Green Mall (opposite the cinema) #N22 this Saturday from 10am-4pm, as well as on 7, 14, 28 August.

18+, live nearby & not yet had both jabs? Then please do drop in (no appt needed) & #GetProtected to help #KeepHaringeySafe

From NHS North Central London CCG 

It’s not too late to get your #COVIDvaccine!

You can #Grabajab @SpursOfficial stadium today, 10am – 6pm.

1st & 2nd Pfizer doses (2nd dose needs to be 8 weeks from 1st). Walk-in.

Queue lined up @spursofficial  stadium today to get their #Covidvaccine & play their part to protect themselves & loved ones.

We're here until 6pm! Not too late to #grabajab! No need to book, you can just walk-in! 1st & 2nd Pfizer doses (2nd dose needs to be 8 weeks from 1st).

From Haringey

If you're in the #N17 area today (Saturday 17 July), why not head on over to the pop-up vaccination clinic in the car park behind Holcombe Market?

The Pfizer vaccine will be available at this clinic, which will be open from 9:30am to 6:30pm.

For more ->

NEWS -there will be a SUPER SUNDAY pop-up vaccination clinic at Tottenham Spurs on 20 June.

You can walk in or pre book.

The Pfizer vaccine will be suitable for younger people as well.

The vaccination programme is co-ordinated centrally by the NHS authorities. They have set out a list of priority groups.

Your GP surgery can help you with booking when your turn comes up.

If you are not sure whether to have the vaccine and have questions about it, do talk to your doctor, nurse or have a look at the scientific information.


Over the past year we've had frequent issues with e-mail requests from our patients and carers. New technology now allows them to directly connect with the surgery computer system. This means your requests for repeat prescriptions and test results will bypass staff handling e-mail. It will be faster and more reliable.

During the first half of 2017 we have gradually phased out requests by e-mail. We have set an indicative date of 1 August 2017 when we may discontinue receiving them. We strongly encourage you to perform one-time activation of your ONLINE ACCESS account. Your temporary password is being automatically generated by the computer system and is waiting for you. If you have any trouble understanding how to do this, one of our team will be happy to assist you at the surgery or talk you through the process on the phone.

Coronavirus vaccine 2021-02-15

Vimeo About the vaccine (Haringey) 2021-02-15

The long-awaited vaccine has arrived in Haringey. These are the arrangements:

It is offered to all suitable people, but it is not compulsory.

Who can have the vaccine:

It will be given by age group. As of this week (14 December 2020) they are offering to Over 80 year olds.

Update 18.12.2020 - for husband and wife, if one is over 80, and the other is 76 plus, they can be booked at the same time.

Update 08.02.2021 - The vaccine will now be offered to those of age 65 and older, or age 55 to 64 with a high risk medical condition, or any age with a learning disability, or paid carers (with documentary proof of income).

Update 15.02.2021 - The vaccine will now be offered to those of age 65 and older, or age 40 to 64 with a high risk medical condition, or any age with a learning disability, or paid carers with documentary proof of income, or unpaid carers with electronic code in GP records.

Frontline healthcare and social care workers who are at high risk may be offered a place in special appointment slots on standby, if not all the appointments are taken up at the end of the day. If you are a health or social care worker please let your GP know where you work and your job title.

People with severe allergy (anaphylaxis) to vaccine, medicine or food in the past are advised to wait for now. 
GP will search all the medical records and review if you are safe to go ahead.

Update Monday 18.01.2021

Official advice about allergy have changed:
Allergy to food - okay
Allergy to insect bite - okay
Allergy to one known medication - okay

Allergy to an ingredient of a vaccine - NOT okay
Allergy to several medications in different groups - NOT okay
Allergy to unknown things - NOT okay

If you are in the 70 to 110 age group, were previously advised you were not okay to have vaccine, but are now okay, please ask your GP to rebook you.

Those still “not okay” can be vaccinated in a special session.

People on anticoagulation (Warfarin or Acenocoumarol) should have INR check recently, and GP will send the test report when requesting the vaccine.

Most people don't have these issues, and can be booked straight away (if you agree to have it).

Where and When to have the vaccine:

Pfizer BioNTech or Oxford Astra Zeneca vaccine is given centrally in two sites:
Morris House, 239 Lordship Lane, Tottenham, N17 6AA - this is taking bookings now
Bounds Green GP, 2 Gordon Road, Bounds Green, N11 2PF - this is starting soon

What the vaccination sites give depends on the deliveries they get from day to day.
(Remember the vaccines need special deep freezer storage)

It is best if you can make your own way there.
They are both big places, tucked away off the main road.
If you need directions, we suggest try an online map app, or just ask us!

It may be possible to arrange some transport if you cannot get there yourself.
UPDATE 11.01.2021 - NO TRANSPORT available.

For now, if you are housebound, we have to wait for arrangements. from the vaccination centres.


The vaccine needs to be given twice.

Update 01.01.2021: The second dose will be between 3 to 12 weeks after the first.

Oxford Astra Zeneca vaccine - is being rolled out in certain hospitals for close monitoring as a precaution. (There were problems during the trial)
It may come to the community soon.

This is being used in some vaccination centres, but there is no plan yet to supply directly to GP surgery.


Choice of vaccine:

We have no control over what is being used in the vaccination centre.

From our experience nearly everybody has had the Pfizer vaccine, including the senior doctors who work here!


How to get the vaccine:

It is by appointment only.

Your GP staff will book it for you via the NHS Intra-net, and let you know the date and time. This may be on the weekends or in the evenings.

What will the vaccine do?

Please read the official information NHS - Coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine


As you are aware, the parliament voted in favour of a second National Lockdown by a majority of 478 on Wednesday 4 November 2020. The restrictions which began at 00:01 on Thursday 5 November will remain in force until 00:01 on 2 December.


At Alexandra Surgery, nothing will change. We will continue to look after our patients during this second lockdown, as we have done all the way through the pandemic. The practice is open, and has always been open, from 8am to 6:30pm on every weekday from Monday to Friday.


Our doors are closed, on instructions from NHS England in March this year. Behind closed doors, our doctors, nurse, health care assistants, ethnic health officers, clinical pharmacist and social prescriber address your health and social care needs.


Our admin team is also here, to take phone calls, process reports and requests, make appointments for you at the practice or a hospital, and help you find answers to your queries. We are also registering new patients and have bent the rules to make things easier.


Since the restrictions came in on 23 March 2020, we have seen a steady increase in the volume of work we do, although some of it is done in a different fashion. In the last four weeks, the number of consultations per week was at a similar level to that in October 2019, before the world had heard of coronavirus.


In total during the 32 weeks, we have:

carried out 9,267 consultations

reviewed and issued 7,895 repeat prescriptions, and

made 1,151 referrals to hospital.


To comply with NHS guidance, we have been following a Telephone First system. When you ask for a consultation with doctor or nurse, we will first offer you a telephone consultation. Often it is possible for the doctor/ nurse to look at what is going on by switching to a video consultation. They can do this as long as you have a smartphone with internet connection. If the doctor/ nurse and you agree that it is better to bring you into the surgery, he/she will arrange this with you.


You may book the initial telephone call by calling the reception team as usual. The desk will be staffed from Monday to Friday, from 8am to 6:30pm. The lines may be busier than before the pandemic, as people are not meant to come in person to make requests. An easier way is to use e-Consult, which is an online service open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can find the link from our website


You can also request repeat prescriptions, medical certificates and other help via e-Consult, by Patient Access online, or by fax.


We are always here to help if we can. During the first lockdown, many people called us for advice on coping with daily life. We are all learning as we go. However, a Social Prescriber has joined our team, her name is Karen and she is available for patients to talk to her every Friday. We also have a Network Pharmacist, Eidin, to support patients by reviewing their long-term condition and their medications.


If you have a comment or suggestion that you wish to share with us, please feel free to ask to speak to Abhi our Practice Manager. Or you may prefer to write to her by email.


We hope that everyone will keep well and stay safe during the uncertain times. We are thinking of doing health talks online and holding virtual meetings with patient groups. If you are interested to be part of this, do drop us a line and we will keep you posted.


Influenza vaccination (flu jab)

Supplies of influenza vaccine have begun to come through to GP practices. They are arriving in small batches at a time.

So we are giving them as soon as we can, but we have to prioritise those with long term conditions.

There are different vaccines for:
Age 65 and over
Age 12 to 64 (especially those with long term conditions)

Some patients may be offered in addition the Pneumococcal vaccine. This is to protect against bacteria that commonly cause pneumonia.
This is NOT related to coronavirus.
It is of course your decision whether to have any vaccine or not.

Shielding (4 November 2020)

Shielding letter (Official) 4 November 2020



Shielding (20 December 2020) - updated 5 January 2021

As you are aware, the government has designated London as a Tier 4 area, and with it imposed many restrictions that apply to everyone.

Moreover, a (third) national lockdown begins on 5 January 2021, with additional restrictions.

The government has advised people in the Clinically Extremely Vulnerable categories to further restrict their activities, for their own protection.

People are identified by the government from the NHS database. If you are among the Clinically Extremely Vulnerable categories, you will receive a letter directly from the government.

Your GP surgery is not involved in selecting who will be within the Clinically Extremely Vulnerable categories.

If you feel you should be within a Clinically Extremely Vulnerable category and have not received a government letter, then you must discuss this with your employer and come to a mutually acceptable decision. The following document may help.

Shielding advice (Alexandra Surgery) 23 December 2020




On 13.03.2020 the NHS has instructed all GP practices to start "Telephone First".

This means patients must first have a telephone consultation with the doctor. This can also be a video consultation.

If the doctor feels it is essential to see the patient in the surgery, then the doctor will arrange a face-to-face appointment. 

You can obtain health advice, request telephone consultation, repeat prescription, medical certificate or letter, or arrange administrative help, via:


available online 24 hours, 7 days a week 

Or by email

Or by phone 020 8888 2518 or 8889 0492 

Easter 2021 opening hours

Christmas New Year 2020_1

Since we implemented Controlled Access,
our doctors and nurse did 7,622 consultations,
6,819 patients got their repeat prescriptions,
and 957 were referred to hospital.
(Data from week 1 to week 28)

We are still here_2 page 1

We are still here_2 page 2

How we look after your this time 1

How we look after you this time 2

23 August 2020

The surgery will not be open on Saturday 29th or Monday 31st August 2020.

GP Hub and Haringey Pharmacy -
August Bank Holiday Opening Times

23 August 2020

As the August bank holiday approaches, we wish to make our patients aware of other healthcare options available, when the GP surgery is closed on Saturday and Monday.

On Saturday all four GP Hubs will be open from 8am to 8pm.
Somerset Gardens will also be open from 8am to 8pm on Sunday and Monday (30-31 August).

Please ask GP reception to book any available appointments with the GP Hub, if you require an earlier appointment than we can provide.

Other services such as NHS 111 and local pharmacists can also provide advice and treatment on a range of health conditions. 

For pharmacy opening times, please go to: 2020/August Bank Holiday Pharmacy Opening-31082020- FINAL.docx

or click here.

August bank holiday other care options

New patients are requested to bring a form of ID and their NHS number; proof of address will be helpful.They will be booked with the Healthcare Assistant for a health check in order to be registered.

Government new measures 1

Governmnet new maesure 2

Government new measures 2

(for example, you have needed emergency treatment in the past year):



Coronavirus and pregnancy

Advice from Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists UK:

Coronavirus and pregnancy - RCOG UK

Government new measures 3

Patients who do not have family or friends that can help, can register at:






NOTE: Each government department may have criteria on who can access help, or what sort of help one can get.
If you do not fit into these criteria, there may be VOLUNTARY GROUPS near you who can help.

At Alexandra Surgery we do not have our own Voluntary group. However, if you live in this area and you have organised one, do please let us know.
Email to 

High risk group eligible for help

The patients who are at highest risk of becoming seriously ill from viral infection, should receive a letter from the NHS.

These are the same people who get priority recall for influenza vaccine (flu jab) every year.

If you (or someone you know) have not received the letter, you may view a copy here:

Vulnerable groups letter from government 2020-03-21

Update 23.03.2020:

Among our patients we have 2 confirmed cases and 15 suspected cases.

Telephone triage 01

Telephone triage-1 01

Telephone triage 15

Telephone appointments how

Telephone triage 03

Telephone triage-1 05

Telephone triage 04

Telephone triage 05

Telephone appointment certificates

See the page "Requests for Certificates and Letters"

Telephone appointments samples

Telephone triage 08

LATEST GUIDANCE (06.03.2020)

World Health Organisation advice for the public (external link)





Official information about the new virus  (external links)

For information from the NHS:
NHS: Wuhan novel coronavirus

For information from the World Health Organisation (WHO):
WHO: New Coronavirus (2019-nCoV)

For information from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC):
CDC: About 2019 Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV)

Spring bank holiday 2020 closed


Spring bank holiday Pharmacy opening hours

Spring bank holiday 2020 pharmacy


The practice doors are closed due to the pandemic. We are offering telephone consultation as a first step.



Alternatively, telephone the surgery reception number. 

Easter opening

Pharmacy - Easter opening

Haringey pharmacies will also open on both days. You may look up details at:

Easter pharmacy opening hours

20.02.2020 (updated country list 06.03.2020)

If you are unwell and worried that you may have been infected by 2019 nCoV/ COVID-19, please:
telephone your doctor      )
check 111 online service  ) for advice.
telephone 111                   )

We suggest you do not come to the GP surgery, until you have been cleared on the phone.

If a patient has:

a) In the 14 days before:

  • travelled to China - Hubei province, Italy - lockdown areas, Iran, South Korea - special care zones


b) In the 14 days before the onset of illness:

  • travelled to Cambodia, China, Hong Kong, Italy, Iran, Japan, Laos, Macau, Malaysia, Myanmar, Republic of Korea (South Korea), Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, or Vietnam. This includes transit, for any length of time, in these countries
  • has cough, fever, and/or shortness or breath


  • been in close contact with confirmed cases of 2019-nCoV/ COVID-19

She/he should:

not come to the GP surgery

isolate herself/ himself at home

consult @ 111 online coronavirus service:

or call 111 for advice on next steps

Source of information:

World Health Organization emergency (external link)

WHO declares 2019-nCoV an emergency

Cases in the United Kingdom (external link)

Coronavirus cases in the UK 

Your GP surgery has been instructed by the Chief Medical Officer for England and the Chief Scientific Adviser to the Department of Health and Social Care. 

What may happen at the GP surgery

  • When you consult for an acute respiratory illness, you may be asked for an accurate travel history.

  • If the doctor suspects a case of nCoV infection, she/he will:
    - not physically examine the patient;
    - leave the room and continue the consultation via telephone;
    - isolate the patient with the door closed (no one allowed to come out or go in);
    - seek specialist advice from a microbiologist or infectious diseases physician;
    - not use the isolation room again until public health has advised.

What may happen on the telephone

  • When you phone for an appointment or to talk to a doctor, you may also be asked about any travel history, and your symptoms.

  • If the staff identifies a possible case, you may be advised to stay at home, while the GP seeks specialist advice.

Travel to hospital

  • If the patient has suspected 2019-nCoV infection and needs to go to hospital:
    - they should not use public transport or taxi;
    - staff will inform the ambulance control of possible infection.

Possible disruption to our service

Our team realise that these procedures may cause inconvenience to everyone in the GP surgery. We hope you will understand that they are intended to protect the health of all patients and carers who are present at the practice, as well as staff. Please bear with us during this uncertain time.

We wish our patients and their carers a happy and healthy holiday season.
In case you need health advice, this information may be helpful:

Alexandra Surgery opening hours
GP Hub opening hours
If you feel low
Pharmacy opening hours

2019-20 Christmas and New Year help for health problems 


Alexandra Surgery:
Tue 24 Dec - closing at 4pm
Wed 25 Dec - closed
Thu 26 Dec - closed
Fri 27 Dec - open at normal hours
Sat 28 Dec - closed
Mon 30 Dec - open at normal hours
Tue 31 Dec - closing at 4pm
Wed 1 Jan - closed
Thu 2 Jan - open at normal hours


Alexandra Surgery:
Tue 24 Dec - 6.30pm 
Wed 25 Dec - closed
Thu 26 Dec - closed
Fri 27 Dec - open at normal hours
Tue 31 Dec - 6.30pm 
Wed 1 Jan - closed
Thu 2 Jan - open at normal hours

2019-2010 Christmas and New Year access to GP:
see "What is new?" page

2019-2010 Christmas and New Year access to GP:
2019-20 Christmas and New Year GP hub

If you are feeling low:

Christmas is a time when many people expect to be happy.
This can actually put a lot of added pressure on those people who aren't feeling that way.

When you are feeling really depressed, down or just not yourself, here are some people ready to help:

Call 116 123

Lines are open 24/7
Calls are free from any phone


Write down your thoughts
Expect a response within 24 hours

Pop in to see someone

The centre nearest to Alexandra Surgery is at:
Shaftesbury Hall
Herbert Road
London N11 2QN
(near Bowes Park station)
Monday10 a.m. – 1 p.m.4 p.m. – 9 p.m.
Tuesday10 a.m. – 1 p.m.7 p.m. – 9 p.m.
Wednesday1 p.m. – 4 p.m.6:30 p.m. – 9 p.m.
Thursday1 p.m. – 9 p.m.
Friday6 p.m. – 9 p.m.
Saturday5 p.m. – 9 p.m.
Sunday10 a.m. – 1 p.m.5 p.m. – 9 p.m.

For another location near you, check:

Text 07725 909090

Many people don't like talking on the phone and some find it difficult to open up to friends and family. Some people are more comfortable texting.

A crisis counsellor will text with you.

It's a new service run by Samaritans, so the response time can be variable.
If urgent , do try to phone the 116 123 number.

Haringey pharmacies' bank holiday opening times and contact details

NameAddressTelephone no.Christmas Day
25 December 2019
Boxing Day
26 December 2019
New Year's Day 
1 January 2020
Somerset Gardens PharmacySomerset Gardens Family Health Centre, 4 Creighton Road, London N17 8NW020 8801 35398:30am - 8:30pm8:30am - 8:30pm8:30am - 8:30pm
Boots (Wood Green)137-139 High Road, London, N22 6BA020 8881 0101Closed10:00am - 6:00pmClosed
Boots (Tottenham Hale Retail Park)3 Tottenham Hale Retail Park, Broad Lane, London, N15 4QD020 8801 7243Closed9:00am - 6:00pm9:00am - 6:00pm
Boots (Crouch End)12 the Broadway, London, N8 8DU020 8340 3892Closed10:00am - 6:00pm10:00am - 6:00pm
Boots (Muswell Hill)359 Muswell Hill Broadway, London N10 1DJ020 8883 1216Closed10:00am - 6:00pm10:00am - 6:00pm
Morrison's PharmacyHigh Road, London N22 6SU020 8881 4801Closed10:00am - 4:00pm10:00am - 4:00pm
Med-Chem Pharmacy73 Grand Parade, Green Lanes, London N4 1DU020 8802 485510:00am - Midnight10:00am - Midnight10:00am - Midnight

Bank holiday opening times for pharmacies in Barnet, Enfield and Islington (on the borders of Haringey)

NameAddressTelephone no.Christmas Day
25 December 2019
Boxing Day
26 December 2019
New Year's Day
1 January 2020
Fairview Health Partnerships LtdFinchley Memorial Hospital, Granville Road, London N12 0JE020 8346 070710:00am - 4:00pm10:00am - 4:00pm10:00am - 4:00pm
Bee's Dispensing Chemist172 Fore Street, London N18 2JB020 8807 32289:00am - 9:00pm9:00am - 9:00pm9:00am - 9:00pm
Wellcare Pharmacy552 Holloway Road, London N7 6JP020 7263 31529:00am - 9:00pm9:00am - 9:00pm9:00am - 9:00pm

Call NHS 111

If you need medical advice fast but it’s not life threatening then call NHS 111 and a fully trained adviser will be able to advise and suggest the best option for you.

Depending on the situation, the NHS 111 team can connect you to a nurse, emergency dentist or even a GP, and can arrange face-to-face appointments if they think you need one. NHS 111 advisers can also assess if you need an ambulance and send one immediately if necessary.

The service is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Calls are free from landlines and mobile phones. For more information, please click here.

Seasonal health advice:Ramadan Mubarak/We wish our patients, their families and carers, and colleagues a joyful Ramadan./You may find the following general health advice useful:/Ramadan health guide - University of Warwick and diabetes - Diabetes UK healthy Ramadan - British Nutrition Foundation 05.05.2015 @21:30


Late Spring Bank Holiday

Monday 27 May

Surgery opening hours:

Fri 24 May: 0800 to 1830

Sat 25 May: closed

Sun 26 May: closed

Mon 27 May: closed

Tue 28 May: 0800 to 1830






When we are closed:

We wish our patients and their carers an enjoyable bank holiday weekend.

If you happen to require urgent medical advice, the following options may help:

GP Hubs

GP hubs opening and booking

GP hubs offer the same service as your usual GP and anyone registered with a GP in Haringey can book a future or same day appointment.  

Our GP hubs are staffed by experienced GPs and nurses and offer assessment and treatment for adults and children with minor injuries and illnesses. 

The GP or other professional will have access to your medical record to ensure that you receive the best possible care and support.

NHS 111

You can call 111 when you need medical help fast but it’s not a 999 emergency. NHS 111 is a fast and easy way to get the right help and is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Calls are free from landlines and mobile phones. Call 111 if you need GP out-of-hours services, urgent care or you need information about a health issue.


Your local pharmacist can give you friendly expert advice about over-the-counter medicines that can help with lots of common conditions without the need for an appointment. Other services include smoking cessation and the minor ailments scheme. To find your nearest pharmacist, visit NHS Choices or call 0300 311 2233

Walk-in services and urgent care centres

These centres treat most injuries and illnesses that are urgent but not life threatening. You don’t need to book an appointment - just turn up and you will be seen promptly by either a doctor or nurse.

  • Whittington Hospital, Magdala Ave, London, N19 5NF (open 24 hours a day, every day).
  • Chase Farm Hospital, The Ridgeway, Enfield, Middlesex, EN2 8JL (open 8am - 10pm every day).
  • Homerton Hospital, Homerton Row, London E9 6SR (open 7am – midnight weekdays, 7am – 10pm weekends and Bank Holidays).
  • Royal Free Hospital, Pond St, London, NW3 2QG (open 10am – 10pm every day).
  • North Middlesex Hospital, Sterling Way, London, Greater London N18 1QX (situated in A&E and open 24 hours a day, every day). 

Mental health emergency

In a mental health crisis please call 020 8702 6700.

Accident and Emergency (A&E)

For life threatening illnesses or injuries go to A&E or call 999. A&E and 999 should only be used in a critical or life threatening situation.

  • North Middlesex University Hospital, Sterling Way, Edmonton, N18 1QX Tel: 020 8887 2000
  • Whittington Hospital, Madgala Avenue, London, N19 5NF Tel: 020 7272 3070


May (early) bank holiday weekend 2019



The surgery will be CLOSED on Saturday 4 May, Sunday 5 May, and Monday 6 May.



*Please note: the clinic on Saturday morning has been cancelled.

We wish all our patients and their carers a happy and healthy May bank holiday weekend.



However, if you need medical advice urgently, help is available -


If you or someone you care for feels unwell over Easter you can visit one of the following pharmacies for advice on a range of minor illnesses and injuries such as:

  • Colds and flu, sexual health and contraception, sickness and diarrhoea, cuts and grazes, and general health advice.

Pharmacies Open in Haringey over May bank holiday:

Please follow the following web link

NHS 111

If you need medical advice fast but it’s not life threatening then call NHS 111 and a fully-trained adviser will be able to advise and suggest the best option for you.

Depending on the situation, the NHS 111 team can connect you to a nurse, emergency dentist, or even a GP, and can arrange face-to-face appointments if they think you need one. NHS 111 advisers can also assess if you need an ambulance and send one immediately if necessary.

The service is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Calls are free from landlines and mobile phones. For more information, please click here.


Self-care is the best choice to treat very minor illnesses and injuries. For colds and flu it is best to rest, keep warm, drink plenty of fluids and take painkillers such as paracetamol, ibuprofen and aspirin.

GP Services

Haringey residents can now access evening and weekend appointments with a GP, nurse or healthcare assistant at one of 4 GP hubs in the borough.

GP hubs offer the same service as your usual GP and anyone registered with a GP in Haringey can book a future or same day appointment. Staffed by experienced GPs and nurses, the service offers assessment and treatment for adults and children with minor injuries and illnesses. The GP or other professional will have access to your medical record to ensure that you receive the best possible care and support.

GP practices will be available over the bank holiday weekend.

Haringey GP Hubs

GP hubs

Dental services

Dental out-of-hours services will be widely available across London, however patients experiencing dental pain are advised to call NHS 111 who will direct your call to the appropriate service.

NHS Services

To find the service you need and book appointments online, you can also visit the NHS website. Type in your postcode to find your nearest health services.


A&E is for life-threatening situations such as a heart attack or stroke and for the care of people who show the symptoms of serious illness or who are badly injured.

In a life-threatening emergency, always dial 999.


The team shall be back on Tuesday 7 May at 8am, ready to look after your health.

Updated: 03.05.2019, 10:00 


Easter weekend 2019

The surgery will be CLOSED on Friday 19 April, Saturday 20 April, Sunday 21 April, and Monday 22 April.

The team shall be back on Tuesday 23 April at 8am, ready to look after your health.

We wish all our patients and their carers a Happy and Healthy Easter weekend.

However, if you need medical advice urgently, help is available: 

Easter weekend medical help available

Please follow the following web link: 

Where to go in Haringey if you need medical help over Easter

*Please note: the clinic on Saturday morning has been cancelled.

Updated: 18.04.2019, 23:00 

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